Rest Day in Richland Center

September 3, 2011 — Leave a comment

When I was planning this ride, I included two days for simply “being still”. I figured I would need a bit of a break from the saddle, but I honestly didn’t know how much I needed a break until I got out of bed yesterday morning! Everything was sore! So what did we do on our day off? Thankfully, not much!

The big task of the day occurred early — when our host rector, The Rev. Don Fleischman, Elizabeth V. (Executive Director of the Haiti Project and one of our support drivers for the Tour and whose last name is Dutch so I can’t ever seem to spell it correctly!) and I were guests on the morning radio show at the local station in Richland Center. We talked about the ministry of St. Barnabas’, the aims of the Tour and the work of the Haiti Project. The broadcast will be available later today on the WRCO website as an MP3! There will be a link posted on the Tour de DioMil website as well.

Following the interview, we were off to a home style breakfast at a local institution, The Center Cafe and then back to St. Barnabas’, where we spent the rest of the day getting our cyberspace fix, catching up on some logistical planning for the next several days of the Tour, and generally “hanging out”. In the early afternoon, we were joined by two members of the Haiti Project Board, one of whom is a parishioner at Trinity Church, Wauwatosa. We enjoyed several hours of conversation and a number of rounds of a particular domino game called “Mexican Train”. At the end of the afternoon, one of our visitors provided much needed neck massages to the two of us who had pedaled the three days prior. What a gift! We topped off the day of respite with a Wisconsin tradition — Friday Night Fish Fry — and I even treated myself to a few hush puppies! (I figured I could spare the extra calories!).

And so, after a good night’s sleep, we are up and at ’em, waiting for today’s riders to arrive at St. Barnabas’ so we can head out to the next destination — Holy Trinity Church, Prairie du Chein. More tomorrow! Pedal on!

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